Our Team

Melissa Estable

Senior Development Manager, Affordable Housing

Melissa brings dynamism, flexibility and focus to the role of Senior Development Manager at SHS Consulting.  She has 16+ years’ experience in end-to-end delivery of multi-family and mixed-use buildings in Canada. With an education in architecture, Melissa’s technical knowledge is balanced by the entrepreneurial mindset required to actualize social purpose real estate development opportunities. By first assisting clients to clarify their vision, Melissa works with inter-disciplinary teams to translate their dreams into a viable business case.  Projects advance by building relationships with finance, counsel, design consultants and regulators.  Clear, timely reporting keeps decision-makers well informed as changes arise.  Her analysis helps clients evaluate risk to confidently move forward.  Managing expectations, priorities and variances over multi-year development projects requires discipline, organization and teamwork.

Current work


Bachelor or Architectural Studies, Carleton University