On August 29 and 30, Ed Starr addressed delegates at Roundtables on Housing and Homelessness among Vulnerable Populations in Alberta, conducted in Calgary and Edmonton respectively, by the Intentional Community Consortium (ICC) and local agencies involved in providing housing and supports for vulnerable individuals.

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SHS Inc., operating as SHS Consulting, is an independent Canadian consulting firm specializing in public policy, research and community development. Established in 1999, our firm is widely recognized for our work in affordable housing, where we have been involved in a wide range of studies, strategies and development projects aimed at addressing the housing needs of communities. 

We maintain active practice areas in:

  • research and analysis
  • policy development and strategic planning
  • program design and evaluation
  • community engagement
  • financial modelling and feasibility analysis
  • development consulting

Our clients include federal, provincial and municipal governments; crown corporations agencies, boards and commissions; community-based non-profit agencies; sector associations and non-profit and private sector housing providers.

Operating out of offices in Richmond Hill, Ontario, we maintain a core complement of experienced professionals, supplemented by external specialists brought together on a project-by-project basis.